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"It was such an honor and so much fun to be present at your talk today at Congress. Your energy and passion are inspiring...

Thanks again for your time and talent, I sincerely feel you touched every person in that room today and gave us all encouragement as parents, a welcome thing indeed!"

- Felicia R.

Parent and Teacher Training

"We do make a difference in children's lives. We do not simply work with children. We are powerful agents for the formation of our country's future."

- Char Wenc

Char Wenc, an award-winning educator with teaching experience that spans 30 years and encompasses all levels of education from primary to graduate school, shares stories and practical techniques in her seminars and training programs for parents and teachers.


> Parenting – Are We Having Fun Yet?
> Parenting Teens and Surviving
> Parenting is Not for Wimps
> Parenting 101 – Yes, You Will Pass This Course
> Daughter, My Daughter
> I Love You And The Answer Is No
> Teaching Children To Be Respectful In A Very Rude World


> Smile, Your School is Worth It
> Family Friendly Schools are a Necessity
> Teachers Are Heroes Too
> Building Self Esteem – A Blueprint For Teachers
> Discipline – The Magic Ingredient
> Teaching Our Students To Be Respectful In A Very Rude World


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Char Wenc

Hi Char,

It was wonderful to meet you! Your energy was felt throughout the meeting. I am receiving many positive reviews on how people will use their new skills. In fact we started using the skills in the subsequent two days of the meeting. Thank you for your hard work and flexibility to our needs. I look forward to the next time we meet!

Ha Nguyen