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"First of all, what planet are you from and where can I find more professors like you! You are absolutely the best professor and role model in my academic adventure. You continue to impress me beyond belief! You give and give and give. I thank you for the quick response to my mere humble suggestion last night. Small groups are fun and you certainly proved that yesterday."

Best wishes,

P.S. "You are an awesome educator!"


Char is the author of two internationally recognized books:

Parenting: Are We Having Fun Yet?

> Do you feel exhausted from dealing with your children all day?
> Do you worry if you are parenting correctly?
> Do you often ask yourself, “Now what do I do?”
> Are your children the only ones having fun in your home?

If you answered yes to these questions, this book is for you. Through a series of personal stories and examples you will learn some valuable ideas which will enable you to enjoy this lifetime profession called parenting.

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Cooperation: Learning Through Laughter

> Do you want to increase cooperation in your group?
> It can be taught. It can be learned. With laughter.

With the aid of the 51 brief activities in this book – taking only a few minutes of group time – your group can learn cooperative techniques and the value of cooperation.

These activities have been tested with groups of all ages in various settings. Use them in your church group, your scout troop, your classroom – or in any other organization where group cohesiveness needs to be developed and maintained.

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Char Wenc

"What a refreshing, uplifting yet challenging program you provided for the Champion Connection. The combination of activities and challenge that you provided hit home with every student in the audience. We are grateful to you for your commitment to young people."

Judy Dagenais
Lisle, Illinois